Transportation Management System


Whether you ship hundreds or thousands of loads a month, lowering distribution costs helps improve your bottom line. The SaaS-based IntelliTrans TMS does just that by reducing labor intensive, time-consuming and error-prone business processes. From load tendering and shipment tracking to invoice auditing and high-level analytics, you have everything you need whenever and wherever you need it.

Transportation Management System
Transportation Management System


Contract Management

Automate your contract processes and manage carrier contract terms and conditions online – anywhere, anytime.

eRFQ & Shipment Rating

Manage your long and short term needs for rate negotiations with your carriers.

Load Planning

Increase carrier capacity and consolidate shipments with dynamic load planning tools.



Manage by exception and let the transportation management system enforce contracts, tender loads, and provide real-time communication with your business partners. Our unique expansive-tendering algorithm drives least-cost carrier utilization.

Mobile App

Carriers can easily schedule and respond to loads, send position updates, and provide delivery confirmations (Google Play & App Store).

Invoice Audit & Payment

Eliminate paperwork and resolve discrepancies using our automated invoice auditing tool. Having tendering, shipping, rating and invoicing in a single platform improves auditing and reduces cost.

Transportation Management System
Transportation Management System


Shipment Visibility

Track a shipment from order entry to payment via our Control Tower.

Dock Scheduling

Provide carriers with self-service facility scheduling to improve customer and carrier relationships.


From scheduled reports to interactive data visualizations, we give you the tools and data-driven alerts to ask deeper questions and deliver more meaningful insights.