IntelliTrans Supply Chain Visibility Solutions Allow You To Do More with Less

Why Invest in Supply Chain Visibility Solutions?

Lower Costs Across All Transportation Modes

Better visibility and proactive
AI automation can lower costs
5-10% and help manage inventory better.

Increase Workplace Efficiency

In a dwindling workforce, supply chain visibility improves productivity of existing employees up to 35%.

Streamline Operations & Costs of Shipments

Avoid expensive demurrage bills and improve the on-time deliveries of your shipments by as much as 20%.

The Importance of Modern Supply Chain Visibility Software Solutions

It’s been a hectic couple of years for shippers. With rising costs, a dwindling workforce, and increasingly complex processes, uncertainty in the supply chain can spell catastrophic issues for shippers and their customers. To maintain the highest level of service, shippers need to harness supply chain visibility. The IntelliTrans global supply chain control tower aggregates information from across industries, transportation modes, & competitors to offer a comprehensive perspective for shippers, including real-time visibility across the supply chain.

The Importance of Modern Supply Chain Visibility Software for Shipper Optimization
Supply Chain Visibility Predictive Analytics and Management

Supply Chain Visibility Predictive Analytics & Management

Our supply chain visibility software offers immense benefits for day-to-day management of supply chain operations and future shipment planning. Tracking in real-time, shippers can determine if, when, & where shipments went awry, intervening as soon as possible and improving the on-time deliveries of your shipments by as much as 20%. As your dataset grows, the global control tower lets you personalize data to anticipate trends most pertinent to your operations, improving your operational efficiency in both the short-term and long-term.

Harness Global Supply Chain Visibility Across Modalities

Accurate Transparency

Gain pinpoint visibility into all your assets, from rail to truck to barge & ocean.

Predict Challenges

Look ahead & prepare for future challenges before they affect your operations.

Forecast Shortages

Detect potential shortages of customers and react quickly before they’re upset.

Unmatched Visibility

IntelliTrans tracks approximately 40% of all rail traffic in North America.

Automate Actions

Reduce tedious, low value work and increase employee productivity up to 35%.

Minimize Demurrage

Be alerted if things sit too long and reduce demurrage costs up to 77%.

Supply Chain Visibility & Analytics FAQs

What is Supply Chain Visibility?
Supply chain visibility refers to the ability to view shipments across all aspects of the supply chain — from raw materials to the factory all the way through to the consumer. This includes full transparency across industries, such as energy, chemical, petroleum, and transportation modes, including rail, truck, intermodal, barge, and ocean shipments.
Why is Supply Chain Visibility Important for Shippers?
Using supply chain visibility, shippers can reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, & eliminate workflow inefficiencies. Supply chain visibility allows shippers to identify abnormalities in their supply chain, detecting disruptions so they avoid them in the future & continuously increasing efficiency. Combined with pinpoint visibility of shipments, shippers gain a greater understanding of shipment processes & locations, leading to better communication with customers and reduced operational costs.
How Can Shippers Improve Supply Chain Visibility?
Shippers can improve supply chain visibility using a global supply chain control tower. Control towers are software systems that compile information to provide a comprehensive view of an organization’s supply chain. Leveraging data across industries and competitors, control towers offer holistic overviews of activity, keeping customers explicitly aware of shipments, analyzing shipment routes, & integrating data into cutting-edge analytics.
How Do Supply Chain Visibility and Analytics Work Together?

By providing a comprehensive dataset, supply chain visibility directly enables more accurate, effective analytics. Supply chain visibility gives shippers a real-time view of their shipments, including identification of likely disruptions, comparisons of truck and rail carrier performance, evaluations of railcar cycle times, recommendations for reducing waiting times and demurrage for any transportation mode, and views into how to optimize transportation cost per lane. Combining these insights, shippers leverage analytics to determine how to most efficiently conduct shipments in the future and continuously improve their processes.

How Does Better Supply Chain Visibility Improve the Planning Process?

The IntelliTrans global supply chain tower analyzes market trends and competitor performance to identify risks and potential mitigation steps before they affect your supply chain. This allows shippers to more effectively plan their logistics operations and gain a transparent view of the future of the supply chain. By offering transparent insights into market trends and detecting repetitive trouble spots, supply chain visibility lets you make essential changes now while simultaneously preparing to keep pace in the future.

More on Supply Chain Visibility Solutions

Thoughts on Visibility in the Supply Chain

Thoughts on Visibility in the Supply Chain

Supply chain visibility. Everyone in the transportation and logistics industry needs it. But there are many degrees of visibility in the marketplace. In-transit visibility, which is what is most commonly discussed and shows where goods are along the route from origin to destination, is only part of the picture.

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