IntelliTrans Global Vendor Managed Inventory℠ Software

Supply Chain Inventory Management Software Empowering You to be the Hero Your Customers Need

Improve Customer Service

 Because you’ll always know when your customer needs to be resupplied, you’ll help them optimize their operations within their supply chain.

Lock in Your Supplier Relationships

Make it easy for customers to rely on you as a key supplier by automating shipments and keeping their processes operating seamlessly.

Save Money & Improve Efficiency

Always have a view of your inventory supply and consumption levels to optimize your operation to minimize inventory and shipping costs.

Eliminate Costly Surprises With Supply Chain Inventory Models

Understanding inventory usage levels and fluctuations at your customers’ locations is simple with an automated inventory management software system. Using advanced analytics, seasonal demand and other variables are easily anticipated and acted upon. When combined with real-time, sensor-enabled inventory tracking, you’ll be able to plan your supply shipment activities well in advance, even when customer needs fluctuate.

Eliminate Surprises for Shippers With Supply Chain Inventory Models
Inventory Management Forecasting that Maximizes Supply Chain Revenue

Inventory Management Forecasting That Maximizes Revenue

With historical data, current information, and trends at your fingertips, you’ll be able to accurately predict customer demands across your portfolio, which lets you plan your production schedule to meet demands. Use forecasting to deliver on-time shipments, even in high-demand periods, with minimal overtime or rush charges. Be a hero to your customers and your management team.

IntelliTrans Inventory Management Software Features

Real-Time Management Tools

Inventory Level Monitoring

Using existing or new sensors, software provides real-time inventory level monitoring at customer sites.

Automatic Replenishment

When inventory reaches previously determined levels, the software automatically initiates the next supply shipment to your customer, ensuring they never run out of stock.

Forecast & Transit Accuracy Analysis

Analyze your operational performance and find areas to improve efficiencies, save costs, and drive higher customer satisfaction rates.

Rail Supply Chain Real-Time Management Tools
Truck Supply Chain Management Planning Tools

Planning Tools

Demand Forecasting

Use inventory management software to review historical trend data and make intelligent demand predictions that help you plan your production and shipping schedules.

Safety Stock Calculator

By using the safety stock calculator, which provides recommendations based on historical data, your customer can be confident that they have enough safety stock to handle the unexpected without wasting money on unnecessary product inventory.

Planned Transit Times

Use the historical database to calculate accurate transit times based on various modes of transportation, delivery route, and time of year.

Supply Chain Inventory Management Software FAQs

How Can Supply Chain Inventory Management Software Improve my Operation?
Supply chain inventory management software helps you optimize your supply chain operation by providing a real-time, accurate view of inventory levels across your key customers’ portfolios and in your own warehouses. The software then automates replenishment shipments to your customers when needed, ensuring you are operating your manufacturing process efficiently to support customer demand.
Will I Save Money with Supply Chain Inventory Management Software?
Yes, suppliers that use inventory management software often find that their operation runs more smoothly and efficiently since there are virtually no unexpected surges or emergencies. This enables you to operate your business more efficiently and with the lowest possible cost to meet the required demand. When demand changes, you instantly know about it, not when your customer remembers to tell you about it. Also, insights and predictive analytics supplied through the software enables better predictive modeling.
How Can Supply Chain Inventory Management Software Improve Customer Experience?
Because the software continuously monitors inventory levels at your customers’ sites, they no longer need to monitor your product’s inventory supply, determine how much to order, or even decide when to place an order. You’ll enable a seamless process that is responsive to unexpected increases or slowdowns in inventory consumption and takes the weight off your customers. When they need inventory, it will already be on-site, allowing them to operate more efficiently.
How Will an Inventory Management Software System Improve my Supply Chain Operation?
When you use software to manage your inventory, you take the guesswork out of planning production schedules. You will clearly see which customers need replenishment shipments and when they need them. Using this data across your customer base, you can more easily plan production – from raw material procurement, to staffing, to packing and shipping. You’ll finally be able to operate your supply chain on real-time data, not guesses or emails.

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