Supply Chain Inventory Management Solutions

Perfect Inventory Levels With IntelliTrans’ Cloud-Based Supply Chain Inventory Management Solutions

Just in Time Products

Never run out of a critical product, nor have too much. Shipments arrive just in time, all the time.

Optimize Your Profitability

Only make and ship products when needed, saving you money and your customer’s stress.

Increase Customer Trust

Transparently & comprehensively communicate inventory status to customers, improving their experience.

Inventory Management Solutions Benefit Shippers Across Supply Chain Modes & Industries

Maintaining appropriate inventory levels is essential within the supply chain. While nobody wants to over-order and waste money, under-ordering and running out of a critical product could be disastrous for your company and career. Shipment delays, inventory shortages, and over-ordering all pose massive risks to shippers, damaging customer trust and wasting resources. Inventory management solutions — including the IntelliTrans Global Vendor Managed Inventory℠ Software — ensure bulk or break-bulk shippers can stay on top of inventory issues, tracking shipments and tackling shortages & surpluses before they affect your revenue.

Inventory Management Benefits Shippers Across Supply Chain Modes & Industries
Improve Supplier Relations With Intuitive Inventory Management Software Solutions

Boost Revenue & Improve Customer Relationships With Inventory Management SAAS Software Solutions

IntelliTrans software provides a holistic hub for bulk and break-bulk shippers’ inventory management solutions. We harness comprehensive data analytics to provide accurate predictions of customer demand for all products being shipped. Leveraging real-time, sensor-enabled inventory tracking, our solutions allow you to predict shipment activities before they affect your business and before your customers’ run out of a critical product. This enables you to deliver a superior experience for your customers and boost your overall revenue.

Tackle Common Supply Chain Headaches with IntelliTrans’ Inventory Management Solutions

Mitigate Shipment Disruptions

Leverage automated exception alerts and real-time tracking to swiftly handle disruptions.

Minimize Additional Fees

Avoid demurrage and detention by only shipping products when they are needed.

Never Miss Replenishment

Replenish inventory stock automatically, eliminating manual replenishment processes.

Forecast Inventory Shortages

Leverage comprehensive datasets to forecast shortages before they affect your operations.

Eliminate Inaccurate Predictions

Give customers accurate surplus, shortage, and order timing predictions.

Show Customers the Full Picture

Accurately communicate combined inventory of product in stock and in transit to customers in real-time.

IntelliTrans Supply Chain Inventory Management Solutions FAQs

What is Inventory Management in Supply Chain?

In the supply chain, inventory management refers to the tracking of inventory between different points in the supply chain — from manufacturers, through freight, warehouses, and ultimately to the point of sale. This process encompasses inventory across the entire supply chain, expanding through modes, industries, and inventory status (whether in motion or in storage).

What is the Role of Inventory Management in Supply Chain Management?

The role of inventory management in supply chain management is to track shipments and ensure they’re moving at an appropriate pace to reach their destination on time. With dozens of shipments to manage at once and hundreds of miles for each shipment to travel, inventory management is how shippers keep track and organize the status of each shipment without losing track of deadlines and locations.

Why is Inventory Management Important in the Supply Chain?

Inventory management is important for keeping shipments moving, checking shipment status, and tracking inventory shortages and surpluses. Proper inventory management is essential for satisfying customers, avoiding unnecessary fees, and ensuring shipments arrive on time.

How do you Manage Inventory in the Supply Chain?

Managing inventory in the supply chain is an activity that enables shippers to deliver outstanding service to their customers while boosting their own profitability. To do this, a shipper creates a long-term demand model that estimates the required levels of a product over time. They then analyze the forecasted short-term demand of this product and compare it to the real-time inventory level at their customer’s facility. Depending on the average shipment time required to receive new products, a low-limit level of the inventory is established.

When inventory drops below this limit, the supplier automatically orders a new shipment for this customer without the customer’s involvement. Similarly, a high-limit level of inventory is established that ensures the customer has an adequate level of stock to withstand minor disruptions without running out. This high-limit level also ensures the supplier does not overproduce product, which might cause excessive demurrage costs, shipment costs, and inventory holding costs. 

To access real-time inventory visibility, shippers should purchase a holistic inventory management software — such as the one offered by IntelliTrans

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