IntelliTrans Supply Chain Management Services

Drive Supply Chain Efficiency with Managed Services for Bulk and Break-Bulk Shippers

Industry-Leading Software Tools Deliver Transparency

Using GPS, AEI RF, and other tracking technologies, you’ll always know how your business is operating in real-time.

Rely on Experts Who Specialize in Supply Chain Management

Our team focuses exclusively on managing supply chain operations for shippers  — it’s all we do, every day.

Save Time, Money, and Stress for Your Employees

Let the IntelliTrans team manage your supply chain operations so you can focus on your customer.

Unmatched Expertise for Shippers Across the Supply Chain

Our team of supply chain and transportation experts can be counted on to track your operations, identify issues, and act quickly to address problems anytime, anywhere. With a suite of tools and resources at their disposal, they are experts at resolving issues that could slow down your operation, upset your customers, and cost you serious money.

Unmatched Expertise for Shippers Across the Supply Chain
Back Office Supply Chain Support Services to Improve Bottom Line for Shippers

Improve Your Bottom Line With Back-Office Supply Chain Support Services

Our teams can help secure carrier services, negotiate rates, and follow-up on the back end with invoice review, dispute submission, and even payment process management. Their expertise in dealing with truck and rail carriers simplifies the process. It keeps your team from spending too much time on back-office work and lets them focus on areas that are more important.

IntelliTrans Supply Chain Management Services

Automate Contract Processes With Comprehensive Freight Audit & Payment Software

Audit & Minimize Mistakes

We’ll audit freight bills to ensure they’re right and pay them for you, saving your team hours of work and frustration for each shipment.

Document Storage and Generation

Access to documents like Bills of Lading (BOLs), Proofs of Delivery (PODs), and contracts – electronically generated and transmitted from the system.

Fleet, Lease, and Maintenance Management

Managing railcar leases and maintenance is made easy, and you’ll always know when a car is due back or what maintenance cost you.

Supply Chain Contract Process Automation Using Freight Audit and Payment Software
End-to-End Freight Management Experts Streamline Supply Chain Workflow

Streamline Your Workflow With End-to-End Freight Management Experts

Dispatch Process

Our teams ensure your shipments get covered at a low cost when we oversee your dispatch process.

Monitoring Carriers

Rely on our teams to monitor your rail, truck, and other carriers while they are en route to be sure all is well. When we flag a possible issue, we’ll investigate and address the issue proactively, so you can be sure your shipments will arrive promptly at your customer site.

Increase Efficiency and Maximize Revenue Using Supply Chain Data Analytics

Scheduled Reports

Set weekly, monthly, & yearly reports, combining automated data with comprehensive analytics to paint a clear, accurate picture of your operations over a period of time and how you can improve them.

Interactive Data Visualizations

Leverage interactive pie charts, bar graphs, and more to ask deeper questions and deliver more meaningful insights.

Supply Chain Data Analytics Increase Efficiency and Maximize Revenue

IntelliTrans Supply Chain Management FAQs

Should I Consider Outsourcing My Supply Chain Management?
Your team works hard to meet customer commitments every day. Still, it can be hard to predict when a misrouted shipment or other problem will strike and divert their attention. When you outsource supply chain management, many day-to-day issues that are part of any complex supply chain operations are simply taken care of. This enables your employees to focus on their regular responsibilities and avoid the frustration of troubleshooting transit issues or other challenges when the clock is ticking.
Can I Be Sure an Outsourced Team Will Meet My Needs?
When you work with IntelliTrans, we’ll take the time to learn your requirements and understand your key business drivers so you can be sure we will have the resources in place to meet your supply chain management needs.  We’ll then manage your supply chain to your requirements – while your employees focus on more valuable tasks. We will conduct quarterly reviews with you to make sure we are still aligned with your business priorities, and our team can also make adjustments to always make sure we meet your expectations.
How Can I Afford to Outsource my Supply Chain Management?
These services are billed according to use, so you don’t need to worry about paying large flat fees or activity level guarantees. We’ll scale our support up or down according to your shipment volume, and you’ll always get top-quality service and support regardless of your activity level.

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Thoughts on Visibility in the Supply Chain

Thoughts on Visibility in the Supply Chain

Supply chain visibility. Everyone in the transportation and logistics industry needs it. But there are many degrees of visibility in the marketplace. In-transit visibility, which is what is most commonly discussed and shows where goods are along the route from origin to destination, is only part of the picture.

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