IntelliTrans Global Supply Chain Control Tower Software Platform

Harness the Power of a Global Supply Chain Control Tower Dedicated to Bulk and Break-Bulk Shippers

Track All Shipments from One Integrated Platform

Track your supply chain activities across all transportation modes using an easy-to-use mission control dashboard.

Predictive AI Data to Help Plan, Ship, and Track Proactively

Rely on our AI-based Global Control Tower to avoid costly routing and timing mistakes.

Improve Profitability & Customer Experience

Keep your customers operations running smoothly while boosting on-time deliveries up to 20%.

Don’t Let the Unknown Negatively Impact Your Supply Chain Operations

Supply chain operations are more complex than ever today, with multiple inflection points that can make or break an on-time delivery to your customers. Experienced supply chain executives understand that even the most robust supply chain operations will come under pressure due to external forces that are out of their control.

That’s why so many choose to invest in a global control tower – a single, robust command center that aggregates multiple data sources to track ongoing shipments, deliver timely updates and warnings, and even enable real-time actions to avoid or minimize shipping disruptions.

Avoid Negative Supply Chain Operations Using a Global Control Tower
IntelliTrans GCT Software Delivers Unmatched Supply Chain Visibility

IntelliTrans Global Control Tower Software Delivers Unmatched Visibility

Many options exist for supply chain executives looking to simplify and streamline their complex operations. But only IntelliTrans offers source-agnostic data aggregation and completion, collated into a global visibility platform that delivers real-time views of your in-flight operations as well as our AI-powered predictive analytics.

Where many competitive systems deliver no more than 70% visibility, our tower’s view across multiple transportation modes enable us to deliver an unrivaled level of insight and predictive recommendations. These give you a distinct advantage in meeting or exceeding your on-time delivery goals, improving staff productivity 35%, and reducing total logistics costs 5-10%.

Supply Chain Visibility Dedicated to Bulk and Break-Bulk Shippers

Unlike other systems that cater to both carriers and shippers, IntelliTrans is entirely dedicated to bulk and break-bulk shippers. When you work with us, there is no question about what we’ll do with your data or who we serve. We’ll never try to push certain carriers on you. Just tell us whom you want to work with and we’ll handle the rest.

With over 30 years serving bulk and break-bulk industries like chemicals, forest products, mining, agriculture, metals, and energy companies, our tools and experience are unmatched. Nationally trusted and recognized throughout our industry, IntelliTrans is an essential partner to shippers for visibility within the supply chain.  

Supply Chain Visibility for Bulk and Break-Bulk Shippers

IntelliTrans Global Supply Chain Control Tower Features

Transform Your Supply Chain Oversight With Our
Global Visibility Platform℠

Track Shipments with Ease

Our platform provides a comprehensive view of a single shipment across all modes that can easily be shared with your support team or your customers directly so they can update themselves anytime.

Benefit from Dynamic ETAs

We’ll provide you with updated arrival estimates for shipments, and continually update these based on real-time data and our AI-driven predictive analytics that draw from the most established data set in the bulk and break-bulk industries.

Use Notifications to Avoid Unnecessary Disruptions

Set exception alerts to flag unexpected events during shipment so you’re only alerted to issues that arise. Act promptly to minimize disruption and remain on schedule or let our team automatically resolve the issue for you.

Transform Supply Chain Oversight With a Global Visibility Platform
Streamline Shipment Execution and Visibility With IntelliTransTMS

Streamline Your Shipment Execution & Visibility With IntelliTransTMS

Manage Dispatch by Exception

We help provide least-cost carrier utilization using our unique expansive-tendering algorithm — saving an average of $176/load on truck spot rates.

Source Agnostic

We’ll gather data from multiple sources, including from other logistics systems in use across your organization — automating labor-intensive & time-consuming processes.

Aggregation Drives Clarity

We’ll aggregate data from ERP, Inventory Systems, TMS, GPS, RFID, ELD, and mobile platforms and combine it to provide you with a unified view of ongoing activity across shipments.

Optimize Your Operations
With Global Vendor Managed Inventory℠

Silo Telemetry & Replenishment

Our sensor technology and six sigma data analysis optimizes silo operation and management via telemetry, sending information back to suppliers and informing them when to send more.

YardRunner℠ Yard Management

YardRunner℠ helps you manage yards with holistic visibility and integration — consolidating querying & reporting while offering an interactive map, updated in real-time.

Transload/Warehouse Management

Our supply chain control tower platform offers SKU-level inventory visibility across Transload Facilities — giving total visibility into inventory across modes of transportation and multiple warehouses.

Operational Optimization Using Global Vendor Managed Inventory

IntelliTrans Supply Chain Control Tower Supports
Carriers Across All Transportation Modes

Rail Shippers


With a direct view of ~40% of all US and Canada rail traffic our platform alerts you to route disruptions before they happen.
OTR Trucking Shipping Icon


Keep track of your truckline operations across multiple vendors and routes, from dispatch to delivery.


Monitor your shipments across modalities to avoid transfer delays and resolve them almost as fast as they’re identified.
Ocean Freight Cargo Shipping

Ocean & Barge

Follow barge or ocean shipments in real time to ensure smooth shore transitions and delivery to the final destination.

IntelliTrans Global Supply Chain Control Tower FAQs

What is the Control Tower in the Supply Chain?
The control tower is a system that pulls together information and data resources to provide a comprehensive command center that delivers a real-time or near real-time view of an organization’s supply chain activities. There are many components to a control tower that may span multiple systems. The control tower aggregates this data and leverages the information to create a comprehensive view of shipments across multiple transportation modes. Control towers identify and mitigate risk by flagging irregular activities and delays for mitigation. They keep customers informed of pending shipments, and track and analyze shipment routes and carriers to assess effectiveness.
How Can a Global Control Tower Impact the Supply Chain?

Using a Global Control Tower to manage and monitor your supply chain activities allows you to prevent disruptions and delays in meeting your on-time delivery commitments to your customers. This risk identification and mitigation comes from the ability to view shipments across multiple transportation modes as well as the ability to leverage predictive analytics to anticipate disruption and take action to prevent it. It puts you at a distinct advantage over competitors who lack this visibility. Your shipments will be on time up to 20% more often, and in the event of unavoidable disruption, you will be able to alert your customer to schedule changes often as soon as they occur.

How Does IntelliTrans Implement a Supply Chain Control Tower?
Implementing a supply chain control tower requires careful planning and coordination to ensure all relevant systems and tools are integrated into the supply chain control tower platform. At IntelliTrans, our teams have implemented hundreds of control towers for a wide variety of customers for over 20 years. They provide critical support for companies that choose to add a centralized command center to their operations. We partner with your team to identify all data sources and build an implementation plan that moves efficiently to launch the tower while eliminating disruption to your ongoing supply chain operation.
What Are the Advantages of a Global Supply Chain Control Tower Dashboard?
Global Supply Chain Control Towers allow shippers to maintain visibility into shipments in motion, across all transportation modes, and to take corrective actions based on real-time data and predictive analytics to avoid or minimize shipping disruptions. Shippers that invest in Global Supply Chain Control Towers are able to operate their logistics activities 5-10% less expensively, make faster and more informed decisions on a timely basis, consistently deliver a good customer experience for their customers, and systematically identify and mitigate risks more efficiently.
What Kind of Companies Should Consider Working With Global Supply Chain Control Tower Providers?
Shippers who rely on moving their products across multiple transportation modes and continents are prime candidates for benefiting from a Global Supply Chain Control Tower. The complexities of managing shipping operations of this size are many, and the system-wide visibility gained from operating a centralized command center like this helps ensure that your teams are always informed about shipping statuses and potential issues. That means that your teams can keep customers informed of any delays that could cause complications for their own operations – allowing you to build stronger relationships with customers who learn to expect transparent and proactive customer service from your team. The system-wide visibility of a Global Supply Chain Control Tower helps identify and mitigate risk, and gives you the flexibility you need to adjust and adapt your supply chain operations in response to changing conditions and even in anticipation of predictive delays.

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Thoughts on Visibility in the Supply Chain

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