Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Management Solutions

Why Invest in Transportation Management Solutions?

Increase On-Time Deliveries

Transparency in the supply chain can improve the on-time deliveries of your shipments by as much as 20%.

Automate Supply Chain Processes

Automation reduces organizational time & can help improve your employee productivity by 35%.

Be Proactive About Transportation Delays

Comprehensive analytics identify potential issues, proven to let you quickly reduce transportation costs.

Optimize Transportation Management Operations Within Your Supply Chain

With increased risk and uncertainty in supply chain operations, changing tendering costs, & an increasingly shrinking workforce, shippers are facing challenging new barriers to operational efficiency. For shippers, transportation management in the supply chain and logistics areas is the key to optimized operations. IntelliTransTMS is the only SaaS-based TMS that provides holistic and seamless shipment visibility and execution across rail, truck, intermodal, barge, and ocean shipments. This comprehensive platform streamlines transportation and logistics management, lowering costs and increasing customers’ satisfaction with your shipments.

Optimize Supply Chain Management Operations Using Global Visibility Software
Automated Data Integration Boosts Visibility and Reduces Costs for Supply Chain Shippers

Automated Data Integration Boosts Visibility & Reduces Your Transportation Costs

IntelliTrans provides supply chain transparency for bulk and break-bulk shippers, tracking your shipments in real-time across different modes of transportation and lowering shipment costs 5-10%. Accessible via an online dashboard, IntelliTrans integrates data from various sources to continuously optimize and improve your shipments. Our system helps automate processes across your operations by providing a holistic data integration platform — pinpointing the most affordable, reliable carriers in any mode, lowering demurrage rates up to 77%, and alerting transportation delays in real-time for better communication. Multi-modal Transportation Management Solutions have also been proven to reduce total transportation costs 5-10% and deliver an ROI in less than 9 months.

Solutions for All Your Transportation Management Headaches Across the Supply Chain

Navigate Contract Chaos

Automate, manage, and access contract processes from anywhere, anytime.

Minimize High Demurrage Costs

Our TMS supply chain solutions can help lower demurrage rates up to 77%.

Stop Operating Without Shipment Visibility

Leverage multiple data streams to know where your shipments are anytime.

Mitigate Delayed Deliveries

Identify and fix at-risk shipments to improve on-time deliveries by up to 20%.

Manage Out of Control Costs

Expansive tendering saves an average of $176 per truckload without new negotiations.

Track Out of Touch Carriers

Carriers control, schedule, and respond to loads through the mobile app.

Supply Chain Transportation Management Solution FAQs

What is the Role of Transportation in Supply Chain Management?

Transportation is what delivers products in the supply chain to their intended destination through all stages of the supply chain — from warehouses to retail stores and material stages all the way through to consumer deliveries. Modes of transportation within the bulk and break-bulk supply chain include rail, trucking, intermodal, barge, & ocean shipping.

Why is Transportation Important to Supply Chain Management?

Effective use of transportation is essential to modern supply chain management — leading to more on-time deliveries, satisfied customers, reduced risk, and saved time & resources. Break-bulk and bulk shippers need to determine who & what form of transportation will most effectively get their shipments from point to point in order to avoid frustrated customers and move on to the next shipment ASAP. When managing their operations, shippers need to balance cost & efficiency to ensure both reasonable rates and satisfactory service.

How Can Management Teams Reduce Transportation Costs in the Supply Chain?

Good management teams reduce transportation costs by analyzing real-time insights into the location of their shipments and leveraging the best rates for every mode and lane available. Using supply chain visibility, shippers pinpoint the location of their shipments at any time, gaining detailed insights into where & when shipments will arrive and taking actions to expedite them in the face of unnecessary delays. By tracking which parties consistently delay shipments, where problems occur, and how much each mode of transportation costs, shippers can also continuously choose the most effective means of transportation and streamline their entire shipment processes.

What Modes of Transportation in the Supply Chain Benefit From Better Management?

All modes of transportation in the supply chain benefit from better management. The IntelliTrans Global Control Tower helps lower the total cost of shipments by 5-10% — effectively minimizing expenses and enhancing the efficiency of shipments. Expansive-tendering algorithms ensure shippers leverage the best deals for truck shipments, saving an average of $176/load on truck spot rates. Advanced analytics enable comparison of rail rates to ensure shippers are acting on competitive pricing. Fully integrated ocean shipment execution technology enables shippers to compare 18 million schedules between 425,000 port pairs. Finally, managing shipments with real-time tracking also allows shippers to keep a constant eye on the progress and status of shipments — which is especially essential for intermodal shipments.

How Does Transportation Management Streamline Supply Chain Automation?

IntelliTrans supports transportation management that automatically integrates data from across the supply chain. This enables AI tools that automatically identify issues, recommend actions, and ultimately lead to better business decisions. By funneling data into one accessible, easy-to-access platform, IntelliTrans software requires minimal input and user actions to automate processes using the most up-to-date data. Furthermore, combining data online eliminates the need for excessive paperwork and nearly eliminates discrepancies.

More on Transportation Management Solutions

Algorithmic TMS Tendering

Algorithmic TMS Tendering

Our dock scheduling feature is unique and so are our predictive exception management capabilities, but the item that really sets us apart is our ever-expanding tendering algorithm.

Introducing the TMS API Suite

Introducing the TMS API Suite

We’ve released an API suite to extend IntelliTrans TMS functionality to carrier and 3PL apps, platforms, and enterprise systems. Its REST architecture allows you to do things like gather load details, accept and decline contract loads, and provide location updates.

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