Free Live Webinar Discusses Shipper Issues in Today’s Market and How Technology Can Address These Challenges

 Atlanta, GA — October 17, 2023 — IntelliTrans, a leader in global multimodal solutions for optimizing supply chain operations for bulk & break-bulk industries, announces that Ken Sherman, Senior Advisor, will be presenting “How to win in a tough transportation market using technology” in a free webinar on October 25, 2023, at 2:00 PM. Ken will discuss current shippers’ challenges and pain points and how to address these issues with technology.

“Shippers face various challenges today, including rising fuel costs, demand variability, labor scarcity, geopolitical issues, heightened customer expectations, and tighter budgets,” says Chad Raube, President and CEO of IntelliTrans. “Technology will solve many issues for shippers by giving them real-time visibility from end-to-end, optimizing transportation plans to get the lowest total cost without sacrificing on time delivery or customer service, and automating manual processes that improve efficiencies and productivity of their teams.”

The free, live webinar on current transportation industry trends will cover:

  • Current industry issues and challenges
  • Market trends that demand change
  • How technology addresses key industry issues
  • How a transportation management system (TMS) improves bulk and break-bulk operations
  • Q&A

Ken Sherman is an invaluable expert in supply chain industry trends, challenges, and solutions. Previously, Ken was the president of IntelliTrans for over twenty years until his retirement. Now, he works in a consultancy role with the company as a senior advisor.

To register for the webinar on October 25 at 2:00 PM ET, visit https://www.intellitrans.com/tms-webinar.

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