Supply Chain Visibility


You have millions of dollars in equipment and freight constantly on the move. When they stop moving, you and your customers need to know about it. The IntelliTrans Global Visibility Platform℠ includes multi-modal command and control features that give unprecedented visibility into your fleet and non-fleet equipment to proactively manage your shipments from origin to destination, with a focus on exceptions and enhancing your customer experience.

Supply Chain Visibility
Supply Chain Visibility



Integrate with a variety of data sources:  TMS, ERP, Inventory Systems, GPS, RFID, ELD, and Mobile.


You can’t achieve meaningful insights with gaps in data; we ensure complete, timely and accurate data.

Visibility & Execution

Asset / Shipment Tracking

Real-time location updates with dynamic ETAs for rail, truck, intermodal, barge, and ocean shipments.

Intervention Services

IntelliTrans personnel intervenes to keep problematic shipments moving.

Exception Alerts & Management

Proactive notifications for internal and external stakeholders.

Pipeline Visibility & Reporting

See what’s coming in, on hand, and going out.

Dock & Yard Management

Supply chain visibility means in-transit and facility visibility. Drive efficiencies in your dock, yard, and warehouse operations with increased visibility.

Supply Chain Visibility
Supply Chain Visibility

Documents & Services

Document Storage and Generation

Access to documents like BOLs, PODs, and contracts – electronically generated and transmitted from the system.

Fleet, Lease, and Maintenance Management

Managing railcar leases and maintenance is made easy.


From scheduled reports to interactive data visualizations, we give you the tools and data-driven alerts to ask deeper questions and deliver more meaningful insights.

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