Lower Costs with IntelliTrans Freight Cost Management

Simplify Your Freight Cost Management Process

Managing exception delays, addressing equipment issues, handling contract payments, and optimizing costs and efficiency can consume valuable time and resources in freight management processes. Simplify your processes with IntelliTrans’ comprehensive freight cost management platform.

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Comprehensive Freight Cost Management for Bulk and Break-Bulk Shippers

Identify Improvement Opportunities

Gain visibility into key events that identify and let you take action on cost savings and cost avoidance opportunities.

Minimize Demurrage Costs

Ensure your docks and yards operate as efficiently as possible and lower your demurrage costs up to 77%.

Automate Freight Financial Processes

Leverage a unified platform with freight rates, invoices, and transit data to automate accruals, vouchers, and exception management.

Your Centralized, Automated Freight Management Hub

IntelliTrans offers a comprehensive online platform for managing freight across various modes of transportation. Users can access shipment booking, status checks, payment records, contracts, historical data visualization, carrier performance analysis, freight invoice auditing, and payment processing.

Global Freight Management Using Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

Freight Cost Management Solutions
For Every Step of the Process

Keep Track of Shipments Using Real-Time Freight Visibility

Monitor In-Transit Shipments

End-to-end freight shipment tracking provides the data needed to not only audit costs associated with demurrage and detention, but also optimize asset utilization, ultimately leading to significant cost savings.

Counter Demurrage

IntelliTrans pinpoints locations of demurrage and sends automated exception alerts, swiftly detecting and helping you address issues.

Track Shipments With Real-Time Freight Visibility Software
Optimize Freight Operations With Freight Analytics Software

Optimize Freight Operations With
Freight Analytics

Compare Competing Carriers

Actively compare prices between carriers for different lanes to find the best deal and save money every time.

Identify Shipment Bottlenecks

Analyze where, with who, and when shipments most often get delayed or lost and optimize your supply chain and workflows accordingly.

Discover Data Visualizations

Use innovative, interactive data models and dashboards for a better view of data across carriers—ideal for gaining a different perspective.

EEliminate Tedious Financial Tracking with Contract & Payment Automation

Automatically Pay Freight Bills

Connect a payment source and ensure your company always pays on time once an invoice is audited for accuracy, minimizing the risk of late fees.

Centralized Payment Repository

Find and access documents for rate, shipment, transaction, and invoice details from one central online platform.

Dispute Resolution and Compliance

Leverage a comprehensive data set showing key activity times to quickly resolve disputes while ensuring and tracking compliance.

Eliminate Supply Chain Processes Using Contract and Payment Automation for Shippers

IntelliTrans Freight Management Software FAQs

What is a Freight Management System?
Freight management systems are specialized pieces of software designed to optimize sourcing, executing, and managing— streamlining the processes of moving freight across the supply chain from a point of origin to its final destination for bulk and break-bulk shippers.

Often offered as SaaS software, freight management systems provide comprehensive tools for freight management. The IntelliTrans freight management system, for example, offers RFQ support, business process improvement, KPI creation and distribution, rate negotiations, dispatch & execution management, demurrage management, carrier performance dashboards, automated invoice auditing, automated invoice payment, and more.

What is Freight Audit and Payment Software?
Freight audit and payment software are online programs designed to comprehensively increase efficiency in transportation spend management while also improving accuracy and reducing the risk of an overpayment. Automatically integrating data from across the supply chain, FAP software analyzes your end-to-end freight costs and processes to pinpoint where and how to improve management.

IntelliTrans incorporates audit and payment solutions within one central freight management platform. Our solutions support invoice processes, automated exception identification, and resolution & compliance disputes — combining for comprehensive, accurate spend management analytics & reporting.

How Can Software Help Manage Freight Costs?
Software can help manage freight costs both by ensuring better real-time management of freight in motion and enabling process optimization using comprehensive data integration & analysis.

IntelliTrans freight management software uses a global control tower to track freight shipments from point of origin through arrival at their final destination, including all stops along the way. In turn, our software pinpoints unacceptable demurrage and other bottlenecks in your supply chain — allowing for swift, accurate intervention and resolution.

Automating & integrating real-time tracking data into a central database, software also acts as a hub for data analysis and process optimization. Analysis tools include interactive data visualizations, scheduled reports per your needs, and spend management analytics — all working to continuously improve the bottom line of your freight shipments.

How Does Freight Management Software Track Freight Shipments?
IntelliTrans’ freight management software, known as the IntelliTrans Global Visibility Platform℠, aggregates and integrates data from various sources and collects data directly from GPS location trackers, AEI tags, and more to track freight shipments from bulk and break-bulk shippers virtually in real time.

GPS technology uses a satellite network orbiting the earth to transmit unique signals and parameters to locate a device’s exact location in relation to the satellites — and thus a device’s exact location in general. Freight management software leverages this technology to pinpoint freight locations using installed devices.

Can Freight Management Software Lower Demurrage Costs?
Yes — freight management software can be immensely effective at lowering demurrage costs. Real-time freight tracking pinpoints asset locations and sends automated alerts when freight shipments are stuck and at risk of demurrage. This has been shown to enable swifter action and reduce demurrage costs up to 77%. For future planning, automated data integration tracks where delays most often occur and allows shippers to avoid locations of frequent demurrage in the future.

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