Streamline Logistics with IntelliTrans Supply Chain Planning Software

Efficiently Manage Your Logistics Operations

IntelliTrans offers a comprehensive suite of planning features designed to streamline logistics operations.

With the platform, you can optimize every aspect of your supply chain, from contract management to logistics optimization, ensuring smooth and cost-effective transportation of your products.

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Supply Chain Planning Software Features

Contract & Rate Management

Carrier Contract Tracking

Store contracts and manage carrier terms and conditions online.

eRFQ & Shipment Rating

Manage your long- and short-term needs for rate negotiations with your carriers.

Multi-Modal Rating Alerts

Stay ahead of costly downstream missing rate issues. Alerts and notifications warn users when loads are created without matching the established rates.

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Load Optimization

Load Planning

Increase carrier capacity and consolidate shipments with load planning tools.

Dynamic Rail Route Lookup

Understand your rail routing options with the rail route lookup tool.

Rail To Truck Transload Inventory

Track in-transit rail inventory, inventory in railcars, truck-shipped inventory, and product loss with the transload lite feature. This helps reduce demurrage fees and inventory costs by planning against real-time capacity and transloading performance.

Performance Analytics

Carrier Performance Analytics

Make better carrier decisions using dynamic analytics to understand timely carrier performance, such as on-time delivery. Incorporate scorecard ratings into dynamic tendering algorithms to automate the “best service” carrier choice in lanes with intense service demands.

Rail Lead Time Analytics

Dynamically adjust rail lead times for ERP planning data with automated scheduled transit time feeds.

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Logistics Optimization

Empty Railcar Management

Use online tools for monitoring empty railcar supply. Track railcar demand forecasts, actual usage, and predicted empty railcar returns to easily view forecasted railcar supply positions.


Manage site loading capacity and reduce truck loading wait times and detention fees.

Rail Lease Tools

Quickly visualize near-term expiration risks, financial liability, and negotiation data for all your rail leasing companies and riders.

Rail Fleet Sizing Consulting

Utilize Monte Carlo Simulation with over 12,000 scenarios based on facility production forecasts, dwell, transit, out-of-service, load factor, and other statistical characteristics for informing rail fleet lease and purchase decisions and optimizing the size of your rail fleet.

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