The Challenge

The trucking industry loses an estimated $1.3 billion a year waiting at customer facilities to pick up or deliver cargo. One of the top reasons for driver turnover is wasted time sitting at warehouse docks; for truckers who get paid by the mile, time is of the essence. Inefficient dock scheduling and yard operations also negatively impact shippers both in terms of higher rates and lost productivity. In fact, most shippers and consignees estimate their schedulers spend 40% of their time scheduling and managing appointments.

The Solution – IntelliTrans TMS Dock Scheduling

IntelliTrans’ dock door scheduling tool, DockMaster℠, is a SaaS-based application that provides the real-time visibility necessary to make scheduling dock appointments easier and more accurate. By using DockMaster, shippers and carriers can improve communication and reduce errors, improve labor planning and use reporting tools to measure performance.  Shippers use DockMaster to schedule pickups and deliveries by their selected carriers, routing them to a pre-assigned loading or unloading door. And, carriers can schedule dock appointments quickly and easily via DockMaster without having to make time-intensive phone calls.


  • Automatic or interactive scheduling (your choice)
  • Efficient, real-time visibility and communication
  • Business rule customization
  • Advance shipping notifications and proofs of delivery
  • Cycle time and other types of performance reporting
  • Configure an appointment book for any location in minutes based on that location’s business rules
    • 2 doors or 200 doors
    • 4 hours per week day or 24 hours 7 days per week
  • Allow carriers to schedule directly from their browser or require approval for the requested appointment
  • Allow inter or intra-company visibility of load status – a boon to customer self-service
  • Use scheduling as part of a comprehensive IntelliTrans TMS solution, or use it as a stand-alone
  • Use outbound and subsequent inbound scheduling to provide Advance Shipping Notification and Proof Of Delivery up and down the supply chain

Dock Scheduling Software



  • Easy-to-use
  • It’s the cloud – login anytime and anywhere
  • Carriers, keep your drivers on the road – not waiting around at the docks
  • Shippers, achieve labor cost savings, reduce administrative costs, and reduce detention charges from carriers
  • Gain efficiency and reduce congestion at the docks
  • Improve communications with business partners
  • Maximize the use of dock assets
  • Improve labor planning


Carrier Detention                Carrier Detention

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