IntelliTrans Supply Chain Data Analytics Services

 Advanced Logistics Analytics Deliver More Meaningful Insights

Improve Decision Making

Eliminate guesswork with real-time data and analytics for managing your supply chain operations.

Avoid Unplanned Disruptions

Predictive data analytics lets you act quickly to avoid or mitigate disruption risks.

Drive Continuous Improvement

Measuring progress on critical KPIs, you’ll always know how your operation performs.

Ask Better Questions with Supply Chain Shipment Analysis Software

Use analytics tools to develop a deep understanding of your performance for specific shipments and for all shipments over time. IntelliTrans allows access to trip information by product, trip counts, transit time analysis, dwell time analysis, and tonnage analysis to see root causes of issues and ask better questions.

Supply Chain Shipment Analysis and Visibility Software
Optimize Operations and Profitability With Fleet Cycle Analysis

Optimize Your Operations & Profitability with Fleet Cycle Analysis

Don’t let your cars sit idle, wasting money – track the performance of your owned or leased fleet with our analytic tools. Data can be viewed by specific lanes or cars, and includes actual turns, origin dwell, destination dwell, products shipped, and transit information. With data analytics, you’ll have an up-to-date view of your overall spend broken down by key categories, including charge types, carriers, lanes, and customers.

Insights to Optimize Performance Across Carrier Types

Use data to help you manage carrier rail, truck, and other relationships, and drive higher levels of service. With data analytics, you can maintain scorecards by carrier using metrics like on-time delivery, pickup, proof of delivery timeliness, cost, safety, and other compliance areas.

Optimize Shipper Performance Across Carrier Types Using Supply Chain Insights
Increase Supply Chain Customer Satisfaction With Healthier Supply Chain

Increase Customer Satisfaction With a Healthier Supply Chain

Leverage data analytics to monitor how you serve individual customers – even if you are shipping them materials from various locations. Proactively track shipment timing and accuracy by customers to understand their experience and address issues before they are raised.

IntelliTrans Supply Chain Analytics Software Features

Data Visualization for Greater Supply Chain Insights

Graphics Illustrate Trends

Quickly identify and analyze positive and negative trends using graphic displays.

Comparison Made Easy

Use visualization to compare performance across your organization by a variety of measurements.

Demonstrate Continuous Improvement

Data visualization makes it easy to highlight specific events and their results and to be able to demonstrate improvement trends over time.

Leverage Data Visualization for Greater Supply Chain Insights and Analytics
Predict and Forcast Using Ai-Driven Predictive Supply Chain Analytics

Predict and Forecast With AI-Driven Predictive Analytics

Early Shipment Out of Route Detection

With more than 30 years of data, machine learning models catch railroad handling errors quickly – often before the railroads themselves have detected an issue.

Shipment Exception Management and Prioritization

AI models predict trip plans for each shipment and flag significant deviations from the predicted plan to be resolved with the carrier by our operations team.

Dynamic ETAs

Supply chain data analytics software provides dynamic ETAs based on many factors, including weather, network congestion, and switch schedules.

Future-Proof Your Operations with AI Machine Learning

Fleet Sizing

Using models to simulate thousands of what-if scenarios, you’ll be able to optimize your fleet size to address needs while minimizing costs.

Predictive Freight Cost Modeling

Freight cost estimate tools use shipment and rate data to estimate future shipments accurately and help control costs.

Bad Order Repair Duration

When bad order repairs are needed, data analytics software can accurately predict how long they will take and factor that into the dynamic ETA for each railcar.

Futereproof Supply Chain Operations With AI Machine Learning

Supply Chain Data Analytics Software FAQs

What is Supply Chain Data Analytics?
Supply Chain Data Analytics is information collected while operating your supply chain that allows you to better understand how it operates. These data points are collected from a variety of tools and processes to provide you with a comprehensive view of key KPIs for your operation that can be used to diagnose issues, prescribe solutions, and even predict future challenges.
How Can Shippers Use Data Analytics Within the Supply Chain?
Shippers can use Data Analytics to provide accurate information on different aspects of their supply chain operation. They can use this information to understand what events may have occurred (such as missed shipments, inventory gaps, or misrouted loads), why they may have occurred, and what the consequences could be (such as late fees or rework costs). Finally, shippers can use the data collected across their operations from the past to predict future outcomes and develop plans to address or mitigate these predicted scenarios.
Can Big Data and Analytics Transform Supply Chain Management?
Yes. Shippers who operate complex supply chains that include multiple carrier types, multiple distribution and loading locations, two or three shifts, and different types of product loads cannot manually track all aspects of their operation and must choose which KPIs they will track. And if they choose incorrectly, they could be missing big opportunities to cut costs, improve employee experiences, and drive higher customer satisfaction. The comprehensive knowledge and analysis that shippers get from using an analytics solution can transform their Supply Chain Management for the better.
Are Supply Chain Analytics Cost Effective?
Yes, supply chain analytics are an important tool in managing your overall supply chain costs. Once you have made the initial investment to add this tool to your operation, you’ll realize benefits across most facets of your business. Several shippers have seen ROIs of less than 2 months! Your shipments will operate more smoothly, complications that occur en route will be resolved more quickly, and you will have unprecedented visibility into how your supply chain operation is performing so you can target areas to improve efficiency and take out cost.
Can Supply Chain Analytics Improve My Customer Relationships?
Your customers rely on you to supply them with products that keep their operations running. With supply chain analytics, you will be able to provide them with transparent updates on pending shipments anytime they like, eliminating unpleasant surprises. And you’ll be able to use this data to continuously update and improve your operation, strengthening customer relationships even more.

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