IntelliTrans - A Partner In The iCargo Project

What's iCargo?

A project where IntelliTrans and other partners are helping to build an open, affordable information architecture that allows real world objects, existing systems, and new applications to efficiently co-operate, enabling more cost effective and lower-CO2 logistics through improved synchronisation and load factors across all transport modes.

The iCargo project aims at advancing and extending the use of ICT to support new logistics services that:

  • Synchronize vehicle movements and logistics operations across various modes and actors to lower CO2 emissions
  • Adapt to changing conditions through dynamic planning methods involving intelligent cargo, vehicle and infrastructure systems and
  • Combine services, resources and information from different stakeholders, taking part in an open freight management ecosystem.

What this means for our customers is that they will have a seamless process for booking the optimal multi-modal route for their orders, taking into account cost, transit time, and carbon footprint reduction.

To learn more please see our iCargo presentation.