Inventory Management

Silo Telemetry & Replenishment

Global Vendor Managed Inventory℠ (GVMI) is a web-based service offered by IntelliTrans that utilizes sensor technology and six sigma data analysis to optimize supply chain and operations management. Our customers save money by reducing inventory and shipment costs.

Sensors in storage silos retrieve information via telemetry and project that information back to the suppliers. With that knowledge, they will know how much their customer has, how fast they are using it, and when to send more.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Inventory Level Monitoring via Sensors

Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting

Safety Stock

Safety Stock Calculator

Inventory Management

Planned Transit Times

Inventory Management

Forecast & Transit Accuracy Analysis

Inventory Management

Automatic Replenishment

Yard Management

YardRunner℠ will provide you with unique capabilities to manage your rail yards with increased levels of integration and visibility. Finding the information you need is made easy with our querying, reporting, and interactive map features.

Interactive Maps with Car Type and Status Legends

Load, Unload, and Inspect Railcars

Detention and Demurrage Charge Calculator

Drag & Drop Switch List Creation – Inbound, Outbound, and Internal

Decision-Making Support

Reporting & Analytics

BOL Generator & Order to Railcar Assignment

Track Re-Sequencing

Automatic Data Capture with Fixed and Hand-held AEI Readers

Transload / Warehouse Management

We give you total visibility into your inventory across multiple warehouses and modes of transportation.

Inventory Management

SKU-level Inventory Visibility across Transload Facilities

Inventory Management

Miscellaneous Charge Tracking

Inventory Management

Scale Interface for Accurate Billing and Inventory

Inventory Management

Inbound, Release Order, & Outbound Activity by Equipment

Inventory Management

EDI Transaction Management

Inventory Management

HAZMAT Loading Compatibility Verification

Inventory Management

Inventory Tracking and Management at the Bin/Bay Location Level

Inventory Management

Transaction Rating and Invoicing

Inventory Management

Customized Reporting

Rail Repair Management

Digitize your rail repair operations to keep your assets as productive as possible.

Inspection & BRC Creation

EHMS & Air Brake Alerts

Facility Scheduling

Quoting & Pricing

Work Order Creation


Program & Quote Maintenance

Materials Purchasing & Inventory Management

Car Status Tracking

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