Our web-based truck transportation management system (CarrierPoint) is fully integrated with TransCore’s flagship DAT® freight match products, enabling shippers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to use a single system, not multiple systems, to manage contract freight, private fleets and spot market moves.

By coupling our TMS and DAT freight match service, which processes more than an estimated 4.6 million load postings per month, we simplify and reduce the number of steps necessary to tender a load. Instead of having to open several applications, a shipper can now open a single frame and view all the necessary information with immediate access to various functions.

“This enhancement fulfills a fundamental component of our acquisition strategy to merge disparate systems and reduce inefficiencies in transportation systems,” said the president of TransCore. “In a market where capacity is scarce, this simplified design will allow shippers and 3PLs access to a vibrant spot market and increase their asset utilization. Likewise, brokers will have greater capacity selection.

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