Warehouse / Transload Management

IntelliTrans M2S gives you total visibility into your inventory across multiple warehouses and modes of transportation. M2S delivers:

  • Warehouse management, transload management and inventory management
  • “Total-Inventory Visibility” across transload facilities handling bulk or break bulk materials
  • A graphical user interface showing Inbound, Release Order & Outbound activity by equipment
  • Visibility at the SKU level
  • Inventory management and tracking at the bin or bay location level
  • Tracking of all miscellaneous charges to book other billable activities within your facility
  • EDI triggered by advance shipping notices, inbounds, release orders and outbounds
  • Transaction rating and invoicing
  • Scale interface for accurate billing and inventory
  • HAZMAT loading compatibility verification
  • Customized inventory, customer and management reports
  • B2B integration

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