Shipment Visibility

Shipment Visibility

Multi-Modal Shipment Visibility & Execution

Shipment visibility has come a long way since we released our rail shipment visibility platform in 1992. It seems like this foundational capability has gone from relative obscurity to being on every shipper’s radar (pun intended) overnight. Demand for shipment visibility solutions will only increase, too. Staffing and inventory reductions will push shippers to further adopt technology providing time-definite delivery information and real-time order visibility across all modes. We’ve taken note of this evolution. Over the years we’ve expanded our tracking capabilities to cover multi-modal shipments.

Carrier Data Acquisition

Obtaining complete, multi-modal shipment visibility requires a multi-pronged approach to obtaining data. The use of ELDs in the North American truck market has increased truck tracking capabilities just as the use of TransCore’s AEI tags & readers increased rail tracking capabilities. Acquiring ELD data is no small task. It requires endless collaboration with carriers, especially in a carrier market where it is crucial to be a “shipper of choice” to get loads covered. It requires many system integrations, deployments, and data acquisition methods:


  • Integration with carrier TMS systems in a manner that THEY can implement and support
  • Integration with ELD providers and Value-Added Networks (VANs)
  • Deployment of app-based technology for gaps in capability/visibility
  • Web Services and API / RESTful endpoints

Clean Transportation Data & Freight Intervention

Every trip must have complete key events. A missing delivery confirmation has a ripple effect impacting on-time delivery metrics, carrier performance KPIs, and even the ability to audit a detention bill. Additionally, it isn’t enough to know where your shipment is and that it’s going to be late; someone needs to act on that information to minimize the impact on your customers. It’s crucial to have a provider who commits to:


  • Managing your implementation process.
  • Monitoring data flows continuously and ensuring all gaps are closed and all trips have complete data.
  • Intervening on late pickups, dwell time, and deliveries to turn assets quicker and eliminate unused equipment from the fleet.
Shipment Visibility

If you want to drive the global supply chain transparency needed to truly achieve success in shipment visibility and management then look no further. Shipment visibility and exception management have been our bread and butter for over 25 years. We’re constantly learning and evolving, too, improving our offerings with new features, market knowledge, and outstanding partnerships.

ELD Partnerships

For example, through our partnership with Tranzlogix we can provide automated, real-time location updates and proactive notifications from ELD devices and geofencing. Tranzlogix is also working on implementing voice-activated commands available for in-truck use, allowing truck drivers to interact with GPS, clock in and out, and make reports without taking their eyes off the road. As you can imagine, this will lead to major improvements in tracking efficiency and driver safety. Tranzlogix employs capabilities to associate multiple trailers for the same trip and provides guaranteed superior customer support access with all packages.  We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Tranzlogix and their streamlined digital purchasing process ELDmarketplace.com.

IntelliTrans provides multi-modal shipment visibility and exception management in both North America and Europe and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roper Technologies, a $5B/ $38B market cap publicly traded company. Contact us to proactively manage your inventory and delivery cycles for greater efficiencies in your global supply chain!

Dock Scheduling

Dock Scheduling

The Challenge

The trucking industry loses an estimated $1.3 billion a year waiting at customer facilities to pick up or deliver cargo. One of the top reasons for driver turnover is wasted time sitting at warehouse docks; for truckers who get paid by the mile, time is of the essence. Inefficient dock scheduling and yard operations also negatively impact shippers both in terms of higher rates and lost productivity. In fact, most shippers and consignees estimate their schedulers spend 40% of their time scheduling and managing appointments.

The Solution – IntelliTrans TMS Dock Scheduling

IntelliTrans’ dock door scheduling tool, DockMaster℠, is a SaaS-based application that provides the real-time visibility necessary to make scheduling dock appointments easier and more accurate. By using DockMaster, shippers and carriers can improve communication and reduce errors, improve labor planning and use reporting tools to measure performance.  Shippers use DockMaster to schedule pickups and deliveries by their selected carriers, routing them to a pre-assigned loading or unloading door. And, carriers can schedule dock appointments quickly and easily via DockMaster without having to make time-intensive phone calls.


  • Automatic or interactive scheduling (your choice)
  • Efficient, real-time visibility and communication
  • Business rule customization
  • Advance shipping notifications and proofs of delivery
  • Cycle time and other types of performance reporting
  • Configure an appointment book for any location in minutes based on that location’s business rules
    • 2 doors or 200 doors
    • 4 hours per week day or 24 hours 7 days per week
  • Allow carriers to schedule directly from their browser or require approval for the requested appointment
  • Allow inter or intra-company visibility of load status – a boon to customer self-service
  • Use scheduling as part of a comprehensive IntelliTrans TMS solution, or use it as a stand-alone
  • Use outbound and subsequent inbound scheduling to provide Advance Shipping Notification and Proof Of Delivery up and down the supply chain

Dock Scheduling Software



  • Easy-to-use
  • It’s the cloud – login anytime and anywhere
  • Carriers, keep your drivers on the road – not waiting around at the docks
  • Shippers, achieve labor cost savings, reduce administrative costs, and reduce detention charges from carriers
  • Gain efficiency and reduce congestion at the docks
  • Improve communications with business partners
  • Maximize the use of dock assets
  • Improve labor planning


Carrier Detention                Carrier Detention
Yard Management System

Yard Management System

Streamline your yard activity with our SaaS-based Yard Management System.

YardRunner℠, our Yard Management System (YMS), provides unique capabilities to manage your rail yards with increased levels of integration and visibility. Finding the information you need is made easy with our querying, reporting, and interactive map features. Key capabilities include:

  • Automated data capture with TransCore’s fixed and hand-held AEI readers.
  • Interactive maps for visualization and drag & drop switch list creation.
  • Railcar images match equipment type and are color-coded by status.
  • Create inbound, outbound, and internal switch lists, including the ability to do this by using “drag-and-drop” functionality on the yard map.
  • Generate Bills of Lading.
  • Load, unload, and inspect railcars, including assigning orders to railcars.
  • Utilization of our Tank Car Loader for optimizing the loading of tank cars.
  • Reporting & querying tools.
  • Calculate detention and demurrage charges.

Click here to learn more about our YMS, which is fully integrated with our Global Visibility Platform.

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