Yard Management

Streamline your yard activity with a web-based turnkey solution.

  Yard Management Software

The Yard Management Module within IntelliTrans' Global Visibility Platform will provide you with unique capabilities to manage your rail yards with increased levels of integration and visibility. Finding the information you need is made easy with our querying, reporting, and interactive map features. Key capabilities include:

  Yard Visibility
  • Automated data capture with TransCore’s fixed and hand-held AEI readers.
  • Interactive maps for visualization and drag & drop switch list creation.
  • Railcar images match equipment type, and are color-coded by status.
  • Create inbound, outbound, and internal switch lists, including the ability to do this by using "drag-and-drop" functionality on the yard map.
  • Generate Bills of Lading.
  • Load, unload, and inspect railcars, including assigning orders to railcars.
  • Utilization of our Tank Car Loader for optimizing loading of tank cars.
  • Reporting & querying tools.
  • Calculate detention and demurrage charges.