A picture is worth 1,031.45 words.

Our new analytics feature produces visualizations that help you see and understand your multi-modal TMS and truck TMS data.

  • Shipment Analysis: dive into trip information by product, trip counts, transit time analysis, dwell time analysis, trip count analysis, and tonnage analysis.
  • Fleet Cycle Analysis: fleet analysis that includes data by specific lanes and cars, actual turns, origin dwell, destination dwell, products shipped, and transit information.
  • Carrier Performance: scorecard carrier performance based on metrics like on-time delivery/pickup and proof of delivery timeliness. 
  • Spend: analyze the details of your spend across categories like charge types, carriers, lanes, and customers to identify additional ways to control your costs.
  • Customer Health: monitor how well you are serving your customers.
  • Current Shipments: geographical representation of all current shipments.  Current shipments tracked on a geographical map by gathering real-time longitude/latitude data, in addition to other information.

Other Use Cases?  

  • Bad order and storage reports
  • Visualizing geographic problems (e.g. dwell time)
  • Upper upper management presentations
  • Fleet management and visibility
  • Rate analysis 
  • Asset locations in relation to problematic weather events
  • On-time delivery management
  • Least-cost carrier utilization
  • Load factor analyses
  • And, many more... 

Please contact us today to see how you can use data visualizations to boost your multi-modal TMS and truck TMS capabilities.