Introducing the Business Analytics Feature!

A picture is worth ten thousand words.

Business Analytics Feature

Our new Business Analytics feature produces visualizations that help you see and understand your data within the Global Visibility Platform (GVP) and CarrierPoint.

  • Shipment Analysis: dive into trip information by product, trip counts, transit time analysis, dwell time analysis, trip count analysis, and tonnage analysis.
  • Fleet Cycle Analysis:  fleet analysis that includes data by specific lanes and cars, actual turns, origin dwell, destination dwell, products shipped, and transit information.
  • Current Shipments:  Geographical representation of all current shipments.  Current shipments tracked on a geographical map by gathering real-time longitude/latitude data, in addition to other information.

How are current clients using it?  

  • Shipment analysis 
  • Fleet cycle analysis
  • Current shipment monitoring
  • Bad order reports
  • Visualizing geographic problem areas (e.g. dwell time)
  • Using the visualizations to present to upper management
  • Fleet management and visibility
  • Asset locations in relation to problematic weather events
  • On-time delivery management
  • Least-cost carrier utilization
  • Load factor analyses

Please contact us today to see how you can use data visualizations to boost your multi-modal TMS capabilities.