Rail Track, Trace & Intervention Case Study – Flat Car Project

Business Problem

  • Railroad flatcar equipment ships across North America.
  • Return times of equipment back to originating railroad too long – driving low fleet utilization.

Objectives – Improve Fleet Utilization 

  • Expedite empty flatcars off-line for return back to originating railroad.
  • Prevent unauthorized use of railcars by other railroads.
  • Resolve misrouted and lost cars.


  • Fleet split into control and expedite fleet.
  • TransCore intervenes on railcars off-line upon empty release from end customer.
  • Visibility to services provided via web-based tools and ongoing, integrated analytics.


  • Expedite fleet returned to originating railroad an average of 2 days earlier than the control fleet ($3.3MM).
  • Prevented unauthorized use on an average of 30 railcars per month ($0.5MM).
  • Resolved an average of 90 misrouted and lost railcars per month ($0.3MM).

Total Savings Identified: $4.1MM

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