Rail Track, Trace & Intervention Case Study

Business Problem

  • Desire to web-enable distribution chain.
  • Challenging integration with legacy and SAP ERP systems.
  • Intensive double-entry for distribution management team.


  • Eliminate double-entry.
  • Integrate with legacy and SAP ERP systems.
  • Improve asset utilization.


  • Utilize TransCore’s track and trace system for visibility.
  • Integrate with ERP systems via EDI and flat-file communications.
  • Leverage TransCore’s intervention services to improve fleet utilization.


  • Reduced Transportation Costs; Improved Customer Satisfaction; Improved Utilization of Internal Resources.
  • Return on investment achieved within 6 months. $1.25 Million savings delivered.
  • Initial rail fleet size reduced by about 5%, despite increased business volumes. Further decreases planned.
  • Rail Fleet transit times measurably decrease  - 14% decrease in cycle  time for fleet cars; 11% decrease for loaded one-way moves.
  • More accurate estimates of arrival times and improved pro-active customer service.
  • Dramatic reductions in idle & mis-routed railcars.

Total Savings Identified: $1.25MM

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