Ever-Expanding Tendering

The CarrierPoint (Truck TMS) ever-expanding tendering process gives visibility to an ever-expanding set of carriers in a structured, defined order to optimize coverage and cost. Ever-expanding tendering offers substantial savings vis-à-vis competitor systems that remove the load from each carrier after their time to review has expired. We found that average savings from expansive tendering alone were 12% or approximately $110 per load!

Tender Visibility

Truck Tendering Software
  • Multiple levels of visibility ensure maximum load exposure to carrier capacity.

  • You control who sees your loads and equipment.

  • Fleet assets can act as the 1st level of distribution.

  • Continously expanding visibility

Tendering Strategies

Use tendering algorithms and templates to automate tendering to:

  • Corporate Fleets
  • Dedicated Carriers
  • Contract Carriers
  • Current Carrier Bids
  • Spot Market (DAT/GetLoaded/Link Logistics)




Available Tendering Methods

All of our methods can be combined to meet the requirements that your transportation department needs.  Methods can be used across your enterprise, for parts of your business, or only for a specific a specific lane.  Available CarrierPoint tendering methods include:

  • Least-cost: offers each of your loads to the carrier(s) with the lowest rate on the lane first and expands the offer to additional carrier on a configurable timeline.
  • Auto-award: assign shipments to certain carriers or your fleet.
  • Allocations: award volume on contractually-committed percentage (i.e., 60% to Carrier A and 40% to Carrier B) or by number of loads (i.e. 10 loads per day to Carrier A, 5 loads to Carrier B).
  • Service-based: award loads based upon service level of carriers, which can be calculated through CarrierPoint’s automated scorecard process.
  • Customer-based: award loads based on customer preference for carriers (i.e., all loads to Customer X must use Carrier C).
  • Spot bids: allow carriers who do not have a rate on the lane provide a bid to take that load.
  • Spot networks: post loads to freight-matching load boards like DAT.

Mock Process

In the offer timeline below, assume that the load is covered at 4:00 pm eastern.  This means all carriers up to Averitt Express can see and accept/decline the load at this time.  In other systems, only Averitt would be able to see it at this time.  If Decker Truck Line, Inc. takes the load at 4:00pm then CarrierPoint has provided cost avoidance of about $2160 ($5,086-$2,928).