Who We Are

IntelliTrans, a Roper Technologies company, has provided unified and proactive solutions to manage complex supply chain needs for over 25 years. Our cloud-based Control Tower empowers organizations to be nimble and efficient by providing global supply chain transparency. IntelliTrans prides itself on providing complete, timely, and accurate data that allows customers to automate business processes, improve customer service, and reduce operational costs. From real-time alerts to interactive data visualizations, IntelliTrans gives organizations the tools to ask deeper questions and deliver more impactful results.

Why IntelliTrans?

  • We are a complete freight management services provider focused on technology and transparency.

  • We have an exciting suite of products that can be tailored to customer-specific needs.

  • We help our customers utilize available data to improve their logistics processes.

  • We have a proven track record of helping customers improve asset utilization, reduce inventory, minimize logistics costs, and reduce operational costs.

  • All of our services are fully integrated with the world's largest ERP systems.

Sustainability: People, Planet, Profit

Freight Emissions Calculator
  • Integrated carbon footprint calculators before mode selection

  • Embedded from iCargo system

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